Our Erik Sumo remix is out on Beatport, check it out!
Soulseduction’s review of the album:

“…Erik Sumo in real life is called Ambrus Tovishazi, successfully introduced himself with his debut album ‘My Rocky Mountain’. Back then Pop, Dub, Jazz and Hungarian Folk-elements were crossed with extremely catchy melodies. By now, the Erik Sumo Band is a seven-strong project and the new album ‘The Trouble Soup’ is a bubbling cauldron of great Pop-anthems. Explosive synthesizers, Eastern Bloc-ado, Indie and Progressive in three-minute operas, that could have been penned by the Flaming Lips or the B52’s. It’s crystal clear, the Hungarian Pop saga has to be rewritten.”

While the album is coming on the German label Le Pop Musik, Chi Recordings was happy to prepare 2 packs of diverse remixes for this outstanding LP! So we’re in the first pack alongside Kodek, Flack.Su and Anorganik.



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